SPLITFIRE, SPEEDFIRE and UPPERCUT are portable air plasma systems with extremely high performance for their low weight, the 80, 100 and 120A power sources weigh only 17-18 kg and cut up to 25, 35 and 45mm material thickness.

Air plasma systems can plasma cut and arc chisel steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and other electrically conductive materials. 

The systems are supplied for manual cutting with the air-cooled hand torch PTA 121 available in lengths of 6m and 15m. For mechanized cutting, the system is supplied with the PTM 120 machine torch available in lengths of 6m and 12m. A full accessory program with contact cutting shields, cutting support trolley, circle cutting device and more is available.                               


Mains voltage 400V, 3~ 50/60Hz 400V, 3~ 50/60Hz 400V, 3~ 50/60Hz
Hedging 16 A slow/slow 32A slow/slow 32A slow/slow
Apparent effect 12 kVA* 14.5kVA* 17kVA*
Process effect 120V, 20-80A 120V, 20-100A 120V, 20-120A
intermittent factor 50%, @ 80A 40%, @100A 30%, @ 120A
  60%, @ 70A 60%, @80A 60%, @ 100A
  100%, @ 50A 100%, @70A 100%, @ 80A
Effect factor 0,95 0,95 0,95
Open circuit voltage 240 VDC 240VDC 240VDC
Protection class IP 23 IP23 IP23
Cooling form F F F
Temperature class F F F
Dimensions LxWxH 560x190x320 560x190x320 560x190x320
Weight 17 kg 17 kg 18 kg
Maximum cutting capacity 25 mm 35 mm 45 mm
Quality average 20 mm 30mm 40 mm
Pressure/flow 4.5 Bar / 160 l/min 5.0 Bar / 190 l/min 5.0 Bar / 190 l/min


Prospectus SPLITFIRE Swedish

Prospectus SPEEDFIRE Swedish

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Prospectus SPEEDFIRE  English

Prospectus UPPERCUT  English

Instructions for use SPLF-SPEED-UPPC Sv Swedish

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