DFPRO large small cartridge dust collectors fume filtration



Donaldson Torit® WFD® DFPRO dust collectors are used to remove dust and fumes and have been specifically designed for various applications such as plasma, oxygen/acetylene and laser cutting. The DFPRO has oval filters which makes dust and fume filtration more efficient, compact and cost effective. The DFPRO comes in several designs: from small 3-cartridge to a 16-cartridge.

Main functions:

  • Flow rate from 2 000 to 16 000 m³/h
  • Pre-assembled at the factory
  • High efficiency oval-shaped cartridge filters and efficient filter media
  • Installation is smooth and simple and the DFPRO is easy to maintain with easily accessible filters.
  • Low pressure drop saves energy




Tailor-made oval-shaped cartridge filters provide better airflow characteristics.

When DFPRO oval-shaped filters are used with our modern nanofilter media, the dust is trapped on the filter surface, resulting in low pressure drop and long service life. Oval-shaped cartridges can handle up to 25% more airflow than traditional round filters without increasing cartridge wear.

Features and benefits of DFPRO cartridge dust collectors

  • Low pressure drop spark trap
  • A fully integrated system with control valve, multiple fans, cleaning mechanism and Torit control panel.
  • No extra wiring between unit and fan
  • Can be installed in a corner
  • Simple dust management
  • Can be installed outdoors


Prospectus DFPRO filter system

Technical data DFPRO filter system