DFPRO large small cartridge dust collectors fume filtration



Donaldson Torit® DCE® DFPRO dust extractors are used to separate dust and smoke and have been specially developed for different uses such as Plasma, oxygen/acetylene and laser cutting. The DFPRO has oval filters, which makes dust and smoke filtration more efficient, more compact and more cost-effective. DFPRO comes in several designs: everything from small 3-cartridges to a 16-cartridges.

Main Features:

  • Flow from 2 000 to 16 000 m³/h
  • Assembled from factory
  • High efficiency oval cartridge filters and efficient filter media
  • The installation is smooth and simple and DFPRO is easy to maintain with easily accessible filters
  • Due to low pressure drop you save on energy




With custom oval cartridge filters for better Air Flow characteristics

When DFPRO oval filters are used in conjunction with our modern Nanofiltermedia, the dust is caught on the filter surface, resulting in low pressure drop and long service life. With oval cartridges, you can handle up to 25% more airflow than traditional round filters without increasing the wear of the cartridge.

Features and benefits of DFPRO-Cartridge Dust collector

  • Spark trap with low pressure drop
  • A fully integrated system with control valve, several different fans, cleaning mechanism and Torit Dashboard
  • No extra wiring between unit and fan
  • Can be installed in a corner
  • Easy Dust Handling
  • can be installed outdoors


Leaflet DFPRO Filter System

Technical data DFPRO Filter System